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CHARACTERS ARE REACHING COMMENT MILESTONES AND I AM WORKING ON NOT BEING A SLOW LOSER so time for a meme—an everything meme. Relationship meme, hot or not, first impressions, questions, drabbles, headcanon, plans, PIE CHARTS. GO NUTS. Let's talk about all the things, characters, and games!!
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They met and Peter bothered him because time-travel and space and weird and the Doctor pinged him in his Walter place, and he MISSED WALTER A LOT (and still does, but he saw him in the 4th wall event, so now he's doing better) BUT ANYWAY. The Doctor reminded him of Walter and also he's a genius and interesting and Peter really enjoys talking to smart people. SO THAT'S GOING GREAT, but also Peter finds it distressing!! And he doesn't like it, so he tries to help... except he doesn't care much for tact or beating around the bush, because Peter is not remotely afraid of screwing up with him. He figures if he does he can always backtrack and figure out what he said wrong and fix it. Which is why I think he managed to help with the Leto thing.

THIS NEW THE DOCTOR IS SAD THING is different, because Peter has no idea of where it came from, he figures it's a BACK HOME THING because he likes to think that if it wasn't the Doctor would be doing something to fix it, so he's not poking too much there, because if it's a home thing then there's nothing to be done from camp so poking it won't help.

He also feels a SORT OF sense of kinship with him. KINDRED SOULS??? Which is also something that draws Peter in. I SAVED THE WORLD AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT support group.

AS A SIDE-NOTE. Peter knows nothiiinnng about new who. He remembers vaguely up until the sixth Doctor, and because his life is hard he gets details confused because the show was different in the other universe.

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tell me how much you love me, Doctor.
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The Doctor weirds him out occasionally and there are times when he doesn't know how to react, but for the most part, he's kind of— comforting, I guess? Lincoln genuinely likes the Doctor and having him around, so having him in their room isn't too big of a deal. He's used to Jack coming in and out as he pleases, so it's not like "oh god my privacy is being invaded!!1`". He wants to get to know the Doctor more! He'd like to know the Doctor as The Doctor and not Peter's friend the Doctor, which they're working towards! It's nice. He enjoys it. And what with all the October hilarity going on, it's actually comforting for Lincoln in some ways to have the Doctor around. He figures it's harmless and he'll be okay but if it gets out of hand, the three of them can put their heads together and figure something out. It'll be fine.

AND. And. Lincoln is willing to open up to him a bit more which is a big thing. He tends to hang in the background and know people superficially before moving on, so Lincoln actually sharing parts of himself is a special thing. YOU HAVE MADE IT, SIR.

What terrors will the Doctor unleash upon their hotel room. 8(
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Spidermom talk to me about Cardinal and how she feels about her teammates.
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Gosh, she really really does. Honestly, she feels like she won the team lottery because she sees every other team on the whole as a) homicidal, b) dumb, so so dumb, c) divided (and therefore, doomed), or d) any combination thereof.

Seriously, we're the goddamn avengers compared to them.

Even without the whole WINNERS BY COMPARISON thing, though, she likes them a lot.

Vodka is the team leader, as far as she is concerned. He's responsible, reassuring, and clearly the hero type. She thinks they need that. Even though the team members obviously have similar moral standards, she feels like he (and Cider somewhat) add a superior moral component to the group, which is necessary! Because she thinks she (and possibly Gin) are willing to go...too far, or will be, when the time comes. THE BALANCE THERE IS COMFORTING because that means they'll do what they have to when things go south but...they won't sink into the psycho pit or anything.

She is extra dere for Vodka in part because he's just easy to understand. Her read on him is pretty clear, no uncertainties. HE'S EASY TO TRUST AND DEFINITELY A BRO ALREADY. Would high-five again.

Cider is a bit of a wild card. He's mature for his age, which she thinks is impressive, even if it has also registered in her mind that something must have happened to make him this sensible and brave at such a young age. As far as she's concerned, Cider is as much of an "adult"/"team player" as she is, regardless of his tinyness. She appreciates that he initiates comic relief too. Every laugh helps and all that.

She doesn't mind being spider-mom, either. As long as that means Cider thinks he can depend on her BECAUSE SHE ALREADY HAS A LOT OF FAITH IN HIM, although she isn't sure of how he works yet. She wants to get to know him better!

Gin is the wildest wild card. She's fairly certain he's a good guy and she's 100% sure he can handle what Decollage throws at them. She gets the idea that he thinks a lot more than he says, though, so she's definitely keeping a closer eye on him, if only to get a better idea of what makes him tick.

SO YES super dere for her team because they're the best.

Tell me about Tim and joker-ing and if/how that's going to affect him in Deco?
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Well I am taking it straight out as it happened. So that's three weeks with the Joker and Harley! I WILL GO INTO IT. Basically it was torture with some conditioning going on to get Tim to the state they wanted. He did not actually GO INSANE as they say in the movie though. He was conditioned to a particular state but broke out of it--WHICH IS PRETTY AMAZING ACTUALLY--and afterwards basically suffered PTSD and such.

The time with Joker involved shock 'therapy' (torture) and the use of various chemicals. That's said explicitly. I'm assuming a lot of the chemicals were a spin on Joker Venom as well as some truth serums. Added to this I assume a lot of mindfuckery going on. And I kinda imagine Tim hates cream pies now cuz I suspect that is what Harley primarily fed him. :') SO HE PROBABLY HAS TASTE AVERSION TO CREAM PIES NOW and will vomit if he tries to eat them. That's a physical reaction that wouldn't go away with memory loss.

My basic timeline is that it took 4-7 days to break him cuz he is somehow an amazing and tough little cookie. The rest of that time was spent on conditioning him into Joker Junior.

THINGS JOKER JUNIOR DID: Follow orders, laugh a lot.

This is not actually that hard to do considering how hardcore his torture was. And for a lot of his Joker Junior scenes before he kills the Joker he has a sort of hunched over stance that could be just the body language of someone who has been abused. He laughs crazy a lot but the way I interpret it is well! HE HAS BEEN CONDITIONED TO NOT CRY. He laughs instead. When batgirl gets near him, when he's aiming at Batman, he's laughing. Its not HAHAHA I AM CRAZY!!! laughter. It is hahahahaha D8 laughter. That in the end does bleed off into him crying instead.


Well, he's not gonna be crazy or broken until he gets the actual memory. On the other hand, he probably won't cry and is more likely to break into uncomfortable laughter if things are bad. Taste aversion to cream pie. :') He probably just won't feel comfortable around clowns EVER EVER EVER. And while he won't be like FLIPPING OUT around them he also won't be himself either and much more likely to hang back and let the others take care of things. For SOME reason they will make him very anxious. And considering he was strapped down to a table for three weeks he probably will not take well to any forms of bondage even if he doesn't remember the incident yet.

What are you looking forward to most in Deco?
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where's baldo's love
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relationship meeee and I'll youuuu
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also are we still in hipsters doctor
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I mentioned in Booster's comment down below that Steph has very few responsible adults in her life! Mostly she has Babs, who while the ACTUAL GREATEST is just one person. The other two adults she looks up to are Black Canary and Catwoman—and let's be honest; Catwoman is a questionable adult.

So, Steph kind of looks at Britta the same way she looks at Catwoman—THEY BOTH HAVE PROBLEMS but they are also passionate women who she thinks would help her out in a pinch. They have their own brand of advice, which can be questionable, but also can be good!

And Britta listens to what Steph has to say. It seems like she values her opinion! And in the DC world, adults generally disregard Steph's opinions because she's the screw-up Robin who started a massive gang war, then died, then came back, then had the gall to become Batgirl (WHICH GRANTED is a somewhat fair assessment of what happened), BUT BRITTA DOESN'T KNOW THAT. Britta just wears cool jackets and asks for Steph's Bat-Opinions on things and is Needlessy Defiant about things other people just gloss over! Steph thinks it's admirable that she's a social justice warrior because she admires the determination that requires, especially in a place like camp.

Overall, Britta is cool and capable, even if she's a weirdo.

Also, yes we are in hipsters 5ever Wendy Watson. The Doctor is just distancing himself from everyone but the Lees because of sad Pond feelings and angry Doctor feelings. I'LL COME BACK FOR YOU I'M DONE BEING A LOSER, WENDY. I PROMISE.

BRITTA ON STEPH and her opinion on the superhero thing in general!
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Relationship stuff for ours!
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Both Steph and The Doctor care about Vanya! Steph especially has decided that Vanya can join the Bat-Ohana.

The Doctor is just...worn out right now. He's full of the worst feelings in the world and he doesn't really want to deal with his own problems, let alone anyone else's. He can't handle being bright around Vanya at this point because...he's failing at being bright in general. SO HE IS KIND OF AVOIDING HER RIGHT NOW, which he will feel bad about later. He thinks Vanya is great! Brilliant, extraordinary, ect.! But he's spiraling right now and isn't in a place to cheer up anyone.

Steph, however, is feeling awesome. She has her old friends! Her new friends! A boyfriend! Mentors! She's tracking just fine and feels like maybe she could help Vanya get to that place too. She likes hanging out with her, especially when they can do silly things like pick out Batman's favorite ice cream flavor. Vanya is endearing, if a little tiring. STEPH WOULD LIKE TO GET TO KNOW HER BETTER. Right now she feels like she just knows superficial stuff about Vanya. She is kind of terrified but also hoping that maybe she can be a big sister of sorts for her? BEING A ROLE MODEL IS HARD but I want to help!!

How is Vanya doing in camp?
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Vanya is actually doing really well, for her! A lot of things that were bothering her and generally making her feel kind of awful got resolved in the last couple of weeks, including her and Brianna's fight that in Vanya's opinion lasted way too long, so as long as she ignores October happenings (which she's desperately trying to do) she's okay! She's still worried about all of her friends, but for once isn't too worried about herself, which is a huge deal.

It helps that she has a lot of FUN things going on right now. She's learning the bass and thinking of learning the drums and Santana finally agreed to help her learn to sing! Which is all very exciting to her, because Vanya's really embraced music and her talent for it in the last year. She's also made some new friends lately, and most importantly new friends her age, Miles especially since he's the first kid superhero she's become friends with without using the whole "I could be a superhero, too!" approach. Being welcomed into the Bat-Ohana during fourth wall also really helped her because the longer she's in Camp, the more Vanya's afraid she won't be welcomed when she goes to Gotham, but now she's (almost) sure that at least someone will welcome her there.

As happy as she's feeling now, Vanya still is focusing on improving and getting better with her main focus being her confidence right now, which really is the longest battle for her. She can tell people she's good at music at this point, but she's still terrified of playing music in front of most people, so that's what she's working on. But for once she thinks it's something she can achieve, which again, is huge for her.

And I am the worst at questions, but! One upcoming post/plan/event/thing/etc. you have planned for both of yours? aka, just anything you're looking forward to doing with The Doctor and Steph in Camp!
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So on a scale of one to infinitely bad, how is the Doctor tracking in camp?
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The card event is one of a number of things that have combined to make Ronan's life absolutely miserable of late! The cards in particular reinforced Ronan's faulty sense of self, in that he could have killed everyone in camp through sheer disinterest and the only reason people were saved from that was not through his own actions, but Jaime's. Further, as much as Ronan pretends to be too cool for school, Ronan cares deeply and profoundly about everything, so the part where people continually demonstrate that they don't know him at all is kind of super hurtful for him. This, having to heal a bunch of people when the moogles dropped out (which means taking on the pain himself), general October stuff, his having to fix what happens when he lies and general homesickness have meant that Ronan passed his ability to be cool with this ages ago! He is faking it. He fakes it well, with most people probably only noticing that he's shorter with people than normal rather than OH GOD CRUSHING ANXIETY AND FRUSTRATION AND BELIEF HE IS A FAILURE! Like! When Ronan made that crack to the Doctor about feeling older than he was it was one of those ironic jokes that he does that are entirely truthful as well: he's exhausted, he hurts, he is miserable and he doesn't remember the last time he did something for him rather than dealing with someone else's problems. But he's also intensely guilty about the whole card thing and so keeps thinking he needs to try harder to fix everything because next time his own innate failures will mean that everyone will die. So that is a thing. But on the other hand he wants someone to come in and have an answer for him, even for a few days, so that he can remember what it's like to be sixteen and stupid.

But unfortunately Ronan is his own worst enemy in that while he wants an adult to come in and take the responsibility for everything off him for a few days, he also ... deliberately has a facade up that means that people don't know that that is what he wants! So people assume that he is totally coping and is cool when actually he's really not. So, rather than ask for help, Ronan is doing his lone wolf thing, gritting his teeth, pretending to be okay, and just hoping no one asks questions he direly does not want to answer. Also so many painkillers.


the Doctor is allowed to leave camp ... to visit one era of time for a holiday. What is it and why?
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WS RELATIONSHIP MEME until we can be awesome in CFUD
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STEPH REALLY LIKES BOOSTER. More than she expected to, honestly,

He's a Nice Adult Male Superhero who fits right into the mentor category without straying into the "please make out with me" category or the "oh wow, you are terrible at this" category or the "oh gosh, you're batman. What was I even thinking" category.

THERE ARE VERY FEW PEOPLE WHO FIT INTO THIS SPECIAL MENTOR CATEGORY. In fact, Booster makes four people (the other three being Dinah, Selina, and Babs). Obviously, he hasn't reached Babs level of GREATNESS but he is at the Dinah/Selina level where she thinks he is cool! And kind of wise, if sometimes questionable. She thinks she could count on him in a pinch, which is comforting since she's trapped ALONE IN SPACE. Also, he compliments her, which is weirdly nice. WHAT IS THIS MORAL SUPPORT FROM ADULTS.

She feels a weird kinship with Booster and Ted too? Hearing him talk about Ted's death made her realize how big of a dick move being fake dead for a year was. If anyone missed her half as much as Booster missed Ted, she clearly owes them an apology.

IN OTHER WORDS: Please don't realize I'm a screw-up or a loser. I would like to stay superfriends ;;

Edited (what are questions) 2012-10-10 03:02 (UTC)
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BOOSTER THINKS STEPH IS RAD AS HECK. He's really just sort of getting over some nasty Bat-related issues-- he doesn't want to punch Bruce in the face anymore, and he bonded with Dick a little, but Bats will always be Bats AKA those people who brood a lot and give him judgey eyes from the head of the table.

But Steph isn't Bat-y at all! She's funny and lighthearted and it means a lot to him to have someone he can just joke around with without it being weird and fake and covering up for something else. And she apparently doesn't even think he's a loser, which is really huge at this point, okay-- and yeah, part of him knows it's weird that the approval of teenagers means so much to him, but it's kind of all he has.

Like, at this point he's been kicked so many times that when someone actually genuinely seems to think he's cool, he's not quite sure what to make of it. ARE-- ARE YOU SURE? YOU'RE NOT THINKING OF SOMEONE ELSE, RIGHT?

But yes. He likes Steph! He likes her a lot. She's funny and enthusiastic and sorta kinda makes him think of himself when he was a tiny excitable blond teenage superhero, except he figures she's probably smarter and better at it. DON'T LET ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS EXPLODE LIKE MINE DID, ADORABLE LITTLE BATGIRL.

Characters you most want to see apped? CFUD specifically but anything goes.
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SO HEY DOC I KNOW WE HAVE THAT FUNNY BALD GUY WANDERING AROUND THE TARDIS who else has the Doctor collected into his current little menagerie (whether he's tempted them into the TARDIS yet or not)?
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HE LOVES IT. Or, well... yes. He does love it, even if he occasionally doesn't like it. It hearkens back a bit to that brief happy time in Journey's End, when the TARDIS had an entire crew! Good times! Though it's a little odd for them to be campanions and not companions, as... there really is a bond that's formed through the companion experience, I think, so sometimes Jack feels like the odd man out now... but he's pretty content to go with that, since he still hasn't entirely gotten out of the place where he was left at the end of Children of Earth. He's recovered some, but he's still hurt and cautious and not entirely up to being as chummy as he might have otherwise been.

Jack needs people. Even (especially) when he's being broody and quite possibly a jerk, he needs people, and he's worse off without them. And with Ianto leaving again recently -- so he's now had Ianto die on him, come back at camp, leave camp, come back to camp again and then leave again -- Jack is feeling both needy and like he doesn't ever want to form another attachment again (though he also knows that that's a lie that won't last). So the mill of random people hanging around is... pretty welcome, actually.

What would the Doctor's reaction be if Amy and/or Rory showed up in camp? (Being brought back as campers/counselors, sucked in temporarily through a fourth wall split, showing up in a memory flower -- whichever and however many scenarios you want to answer for!)
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I FORGET TOO let's assume that either Ronan has a key if only because the Doctor could harbour a very reasonable fear that Ronan could flirt with the TARDIS enough to get let in anyway.
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why don't we thread more often AND relationships I guess??? I play ZEX and Necoco and Legion and Zombie and Jake. I... don't know how many you have met.

I just know that i like you