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→ question meme

I passed 1.4k with The Doctor or something so anything goes meme! First impressions, relationships, hot or not, questions, HOW DO I CAMPANION (© Ronan) , or whateveeeer. Ask me things!!!
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So tell me how a hypothetical meeting with Ronan and the Doctor would go outside of camp, other than arguing over who is who's companion.
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The TARDIS would get stuck in Ronan's Ireland because things go really weird over there and stuff bleeds through from other dimensions all the time. The TARDIS disappears into a sideways dimension, and Ronan has to take the Doctor on an adventure to get it back. Hilarity ensues, mostly involving weird historical and mythological meetings, where the inhabitants know the Doctor and are downright terrified of him because dude has a reputation and the Time War was kind of horrible okay. A few work out what Ronan is and give him weird looks, that Ronan refuses to explain because explanations are effort.

Along the way they discover a wizard who needs a hand and as it turns out the Doctor holds the answer to their quandary. That person was also able to point them in the general direction of the TARDIS, who is currently being worshipped as a goddess of some description. (She becomes very vain about this for some time afterward)

Finally, at the end, the Lone Power shows up and they convince him to wear a fez. It is taken by the fez and so goes off to find a mirror, leaving the Doctor very amused, Ronan rather non-plussed and wondering if this is a redeemed one or not. The Doctor is of little assistance though, as he is distracted by a Pig that apparently exists in all spacetime at once.

Eventually they go home and no-one died though a lot of hard lessons were learned, it was a bittersweet victory as the Doctor really missed his fez.

Hot or Not - Ronan, Julian, Hope (also Asbel and Elliot if it amuses you).
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First impressions? :3
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i might decide to do more. but that first.
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ALL RIGHT, a few things i'd like to point out before i dive right into this. vanille is omissive and evasive. she usually doesn't talk about a lot of things that happened back home unless she's (a) being vague enough where she doesn't have to explain it in depth or (b) giving bits and pieces of information to different people so they can't really see the whole picture. so she uses kinds of information to appease people, give them just enough so they don't ask her questions. MOST OF THE TIME THIS WORKS, sometimes it doesn't but that's a story for another day.

it's interesting with the doctor because she really feels that he's sincere when he says he's going to help them, and in that she feels obligated to tell him the truth. so while she occasionally holds back because she doesn't know him that well, she really does want to tell him things. as in... i think she wants to vomit her whole trauma bg all over him (sorry). i just don't think that she's ready to do that. tbh, part of their relationship started because she really wanted him to help hope because TIME MACHINE, but she found that she really did like him.

HE'S KIND OF DORKY AND HILARIOUS, but sincere and kind and she'll probably patter after him for a while and make fun of his clothing choices. also slumber parties in the tardis we are painting nails and braiding hair.
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First impressions?
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Vanya completely adores the Doctor already! She thinks he's just the coolest and she wants to ask him all the questions and hear his stories and explore the TARDIS forever. It makes complete sense to her why the Doctor and Amy are friends and Vanya's a bit surprised but really grateful that the Doctor wants to be her friend, too.

It's also comforting to her that though the Doctor's an adult he doesn't really act in the way she thinks adults should. She was shocked to hear that he gets scared in haunted houses, but it was also extremely reassuring. A random note is that he says her name a lot! Hargreeves refuses to call Vanya by her name, so whenever people do so, especially adults, it's kind of a big deal for Vanya and she notices it.

So yes! Basically, Vanya likes the Doctor a whole lot and will want to keep bothering him, though not too much that he'll get annoyed. And she definitely wants to prove to him that it was a good decision to decide to be friends with her.
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First impressions!
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Did I hurt all your feelings, Doctor~
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Where'd the Doctor learn to flirt? Head canon?
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Her whole 200 year career is badass--but she thinks managing to be a diplomat and stitching up an alliance deal in three days is pretty badass because she hates doing diplomacy. Voluntary animal transformation, parachute-jumps and fancy footwork amongst giants were the more fun parts while dealing with witches and taking orders from her ex-husband the mayor were the worst bits of that mission.

What's the Doctor's ideal vacation?
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so I guess first impressions for Machika and Jack?
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Doctor you should really talk to Leto, you both like people for the same things.

Machika thinks The Doctor is pretty cool! He's fun and got a good sense of humor and didn't scold her for saying she'd punch people for being dumb (because people deserve it if they're being stupid). She is...vaguely reminded of Claire...who was insane and killed people...but The Doctor seems safe enough that he won't do that. They can have lots of fun times and dumb exciting adventures because she said so and camp is boring and she needs something to do besides be sad that Grandfather isn't here. ALSO MACHIKA SOMEHOW ATTRACTS REALLY OLD IMMORTALS so I feel like this bromance is IC.

Jack is mostly being an adorable fanboy over The Doctor and like GOSH YES CAMP IS SO COOL I GET TO MEET THESE PEOPLE. He is also dumb and 12 13 and wants to get inside the TARDIS to check it out and fanboy even more. He got stuck in the FAYZ before the newest season of Doctor Who aired so he has no idea what kind of personality to expect from this Doctor, so besides the general backstory of "he's the Doctor" he's coming in fresh, which is good because then he won't have any bias or what have you. +1 FANBOY.

Uhhh any song associations with The Doctor or any of his newly acquired CR yet?
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No okay his favorite person besides Elliot is Robin because he is In Feelings with her. Wendy Watson is very nearly tied with Robin because she's Wendy Watson. HE DOESN'T ACTUALLY HAVE A LEAST FAVORITE, somehow he has avoided antagonistic relationships?

No wait it's totally Jack Vessalius :T For. Reasons of him being Jack Vessalius.

I can't think of questions HOT OR NOT MY CHARACTERS.
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First impressions please
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Things that you will have! WHY ARE WE NOT THREADING ALL THE TIME
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First impressions on ZEX and Necoco?
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First impressions!
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HEY DOCTOR what do you think of Batgirl?

and my other DC girl, I guess. M'gann M'orzz?